Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years - Climate change. -Sir David Attenborough

Climate change is at the forefront of discussion globally. There is no question climate action needs to be taken. Climate change is drastically threatening our ecosystems, food supplies and health. Key decision makers in government are taking action. A-list celebrities are doing their part to spread awareness. But everyone of us needs to be making changes to avoids climate change.

However, there is still a large disconnect between people who want to take climate action, and actual solutions to make a positive impact. There are limited ways for everyday people to help. But we want to change that. By decentralizing carbon credits. We are opening the door to everyone to very simply offset their carbon footprint directly.

Take back control of your impact investing

Many people want to invest in sustainability projects. But a lot of the time “green investing" is not directly benefiting those who are making the effort to be carbon neutral. By buying a DCarbon NFT. You will be buying equivalent to 1 carbon credit, which equates to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions. DCarbon solution is a direct, and immediate option to take climate action today.

DCarbon NFTs

Select from a wide range of NFTs to pick from

Each NFT is linked with carbon credits

The more carbon you offset using DCarbon, higher level will be assigned to you

Align with multiple UN sustainable goals

Trust Our NFTs

We have partnered with the Universal Carbon Registry (UCR). To access fully certified carbon credits. These credits have been vetted, authorized, and registered under the globally recognised standards. Historically. These carbon credits are only available to be sold to large corporations, buying 1000s of credits. However, we are selling these credits as NFTs so it is easily accessible, and affordable to anyone, anywhere.

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